Services Provided

What is intersubjective tough love? I see it as the counselor understanding and experiencing the client's perspectives while challenging the truth of those perspectives.  The way we think, feel and behave define much of how we function in our everyday living. Unfortunately, for many of us, the way we live our lives is dysfunctional, because of our own belief systems. These dysfunctional belief systems affect us, firstly, then those around us.  In order to experience true and sustained change, my role is to understand and validate my client's feelings even while daring them to view themselves and their experiences in a new light - the light of truth.

I welcome the opportunity to work with you, whether it be one-on-one, couples counseling or in family therapy.  I have worked with children, especially adolescents, for many years and welcome the opportunity to work with this population as well.  As a Deaf counselor, I recognize that Deafness is less a disability than it is about communication.  So many of us within the Deaf world have fragmented views of ourselves and others because of impaired communication. This impairment in communication can lead to many undervaluing themselves and failing to recognize the gifts they have been blessed with.

I come from an Adlerian background and utilize dialectical behavioral therapy in my work with many of my clients. However, I use a variety of different approaches as well, depending on the client's background and needs.  I am a firm believer in the fact that each client is unique with a specialized set of gifts.  This means that I am called to know my client by listening and understanding them and giving them a safe space to define who they are.